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New Hampshire Caricature Artist

Looking for that special solution to make your child’s birthday party truly memorable? Then consider hiring a New Hampshire caricature artist to make the most of your youngster’s special day! We offer some of the best New Hampshire caricature artists now working in the Granite State. Many are graduates of the finest art academies and colleges.

Each New Hampshire caricature artist has the sure hand and perceptive eye to produce only the highest quality work for birthday parties or any occasion. They have an uncanny ability to highlight a subject’s characteristics and, at the same time, read their personality traits to complete masterful works of art for all to enjoy.

Our New Hampshire caricature artists have years of experience and have received high praise for their skills. They have proven themselves especially adept at producing works of art in busy, high volume settings such as birthday parties and street festivals.

Children’s party entertainment in New Hampshire

Older children, those who are eight years old or older, are particularly fascinated by New Hampshire caricature artists. Often, both the guest of honor and his or her guests take great delight in watching a New Hampshire caricature artist expertly practice their craft. Taking home their own caricature portrait done by a New Hampshire caricature artist amounts to a wonderful keepsake that will be enjoyed by birthday party guests for years to come.

A caricature artist in New Hampshire is also a welcome treat at other special occasions such as street festivals, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, family events or promotions.

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New Hampshire caricature artist

Each New Hampshire caricature artist offers both value and quality. In a one hour program, our caricature artists can draw fifteen black and white portraits or paint ten highly colorful sketches. Customers are eligible for a price reduction with a multiple hour stay, making our services even more reasonable. Frames and/or mats can be supplied and artworks can be easily mounted for an extra fee.

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